First Day on the Job

Some of you have been asking, so I thought I would post an update.

James started his job in Rincon (rhymes with stinkin’) at the Body Shop today. There was actually two positions open and he was offered his choice between Estimator and Body Shop Tech. For now, he is sticking with what he knows and doing the Body Shop thing but the owner really might want him to move over to estimator.

If he moves over it would certainly mean a less physically demanding job — just more mentally demanding. The pay is good either way, but if he hustles he could make more dough at the body shop gig.

The heat is definitely a factor down there because body shop work bays are not air conditioned. While he did work outside and in the heat in TN, the humidity factor really ramps up down in GA and it feels a lot warmer than here.

Tonight he continues his search for an apartment/house to rent down there. The rental market in that area is HUGE with lots of great properties to choose from. Everything from historic downtown Savannah to typical apartment living is offered. (Check out Craig’s List if you want to see some of the listings.)

What’s Coming Up:

I’m going to add a page to this blog for Prayer Needs. That way you can check it and agree with us regarding this in Savannah. The list will change to reflect what is most needed both with the Ministry to Savannah and for us personally. I figured this might be the best way to keep everyone posted.

Also, I will begin a series of posts that will highlight various notable places in and around Savannah. This will help to acquaint you with the new places that will surround us. Plus, you can start your “wish list” for tourism purposes when you come visit us. 😉



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