Savannah — GATEway to the nations

You certainly can’t miss the HUGE deep water port in Savannah and the Talmadge Bridge that spans the river near downtown, but there are some things that I bet you never would have guessed about Savannah.

For instance, it is “the largest single terminal container port on the U.S. eastern seaboard and the fourth busiest container terminal in the USA.” It is also the fastest growing container port in the USA since 2000. The port and all the enterprises that comprise it are the single biggest industry in Savannah, with tourism pulling into a close second. (See the Wikipedia entry on the Port)

Initially, this may seem like just another interesting tidbit about the place I’m about to call home — and any other year I’d agree with you. But this year is the year of the GATES and this fact about Savannah speaks volumes. In the physical the port of Savannah serves as a GATE into and out of this nation. Imports and exports flow from this deep water port on a constant basis.

I believe that any given city or geographic location reflects its spiritual side in the natural. For instance, Nashville houses a fusion of Country and Christian artists and is called “Music City USA.” Many have claimed, and I believe rightfully so, that God’s design for Nashville was (and still is) to be “Worship City USA.”

So, all that to say that one could logically conclude that just as Savannah is a natural GATEway in and out of this nation, so she will be a spiritual GATEway as well. This is exciting to me! I believe that God is calling us to one of the GATES of this nation and I am excited to see what task He has for us there.

*Photo from Google Earth

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