So, now that the proverbial cat is out of the bag, I can freely discuss upcoming plans and keep everyone updated as to what is occurring in our lives.

As those of you who were at church today will already know, we are planning on moving to Savannah in the near future. (Hence, all the previous blog posts and the trip to Savannah!)

So, for the backstory …

Two years ago, James began to feel like the Lord was speaking to him about Savannah. So, he wrote it in his journal and we prayed about it and simply waited on the Lord. It would come up every now and then and he would pray and journal, pray and journal.

About a year down the road, James talked to Pastor Craig about the fact that he felt the Lord speaking about a possible place to minister, asked him to pray about it, but did not mention the location because we were hoping the Lord would speak to him, confirming the location for us 😉

Time progressed and in March of this year, James was reading the news online and saw a report about the St. Patrick’s Day festival in Savannah. There had been a blackout and one of the reports mentioned that “there were just people wandering around in the dark” throughout the streets of Savannah. (Click here for article) This article “gripped his heart” as Pastor Craig said and he saw the spiritual implications of it. Once again, James brought out the old journal, adding the new chapter to it, and went to God in prayer again. The burden for Savannah was compelling and he decided to go to Pastors with it.

This time he told them the place, the backstory, and all the details that brought him to this point in time. We all prayed about it, and the rest – as they say – is history. We went down last weekend to check things out and to get housing and job information. We came back energized and excited about what we observed there.

In the coming weeks, I’ll share more about the plan, the place, and the people of Savannah. Stay tuned! It’s gonna be the ride of our lives!!!!


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