My little Fighter Pilot

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I posted to this blog. (Don’t think it matters since I don’t think anyone reads it anyway – LOL) In case someone is actually reading this, here is a new photo of my princess — the fighter pilot.

Her Poppy made this “rocketship” and she LOVES it!!!! We are going to finish it off with the proper decals and lettering. It is made in the fashion of a miniature Blue Angel fighter and has pedals similar to a bike and a joystick for steering. She thinks she is big time in this and loves riding around the yard and driveway in it.

I think we’ve nearly caused a few wrecks on the road as folks rubber-neck to see what she is doing.

Here’s some more photos of Stephanie and her new favorite toy!


2 thoughts on “My little Fighter Pilot

  1. Dave and Crystal says:

    That is way cool! She is so cute in it too! I love seeing her clean it up after her “flight”…so cute! You will have to post more pics when you finish the decals…I know it will look awesome. So..can I put in an order for Costa Rica? LOL!

    Love you,

    PS..I love reading your blog and seeing your pics! So keep them coming!

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