Chef in Miniature

Stephanie is growing up way too fast! She is so adorable learning how to do “big girl” things. For instance, this year she “assisted” in making James’ birthday cake by choosing all the candles, icing and toppings for the cake. She also helped by holding the electric hand mixer and she even cleaned the beaters and bowl — I think that is a first for her.
She was also chief decorator of the cake and placer of the candles. I think she did a pretty good job with the sprinkles and balloon candles.

She was so excited to show off her handiwork to her daddy, but alas, she had to wait until the day AFTER his birthday to revel in his praises. Her daddy was gone all day on his birthday working near Kentucky. He left before she was awake and even though I let her stay up til 11 pm, he got home after she fell asleep. It was a rough day for all but here are a few photos to commemorate the event.


One thought on “Chef in Miniature

  1. Crystal A says:

    That is just too cute for words!!!! How adorable!! I miss that Stephie!! Good job on the cake Steph girl!

    Love you!!

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