Recent Layouts

Three Years:
I wanted to share some of my recent layouts. I’ve completed a few for challenges at various online scrapbooking sites and thought I would post them over here too.

The first one is called “Three Years” and was completed for a Scraplifting challenge at

I really liked this closeup of Stephanie and the detail on the full size picture is amazing.

Items Used:
Fonts: Dear Joe
Atomic Cupcake Chipboard action
Papers: Rug Paperpack by Landon & Holly Smith
Brads: Inspire Mini kit from Misty Cato
This is a scraplift of a design by Traci Reed

The second layout is called “Concentration” and was created for another challenge at ScrapMommies. This one shows Stephanie working on a craft for her Grandmother and she is concentrating SO hard. She evens sticks her tongue out like I do when I concentrate on something.
Supplies used:
Fonts: Crazy Pooch and Adorable
Paper and Elements: AmsDigiScraps – Your Love is Better than Chocolate

Garden Girl:
Last new layout (for now), is this one entitled “Garden Girl”. These photos are from last year when Steph helped her daddy plant his yearly garden. She had dirt EVERYWHERE and would literally throw the plants into the ground when James handed them to her.

This was created for a challenge at They asked us to scrap less-than-perfect photos and these are the ones I chose because of the overexposure on the smaller ones. I just loved these photos and am glad that I had an excuse to scrap less than fabulous photos.

Supplies used:
Fonts: 2Peas Billboard and CK Print
Paper: Tracy Collins – America (brown) and Jessica Bolton – Signature Sampler (blue)
Brackets and Stitching: Jessica Bolton – Signature Sampler
Brush: Spring Doodle Collection by Megan Leeson


One thought on “Recent Layouts

  1. Alan and/or Maranda says:

    She is too cute. I know we’re not supposed to have favorites and all… but she is one of my absolute favorites. I can’t wait to get her in The Cool Class.


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