Bondiggity Birthday Present!!!!!

I just HAD to share with everyone the birthday present my mom just sent me. Isn’t this the coolest purse you’ve seen?!!?? I know all you DAWG fans would agree anyway! 🙂

Her neighbor made it for me — hee hee!! All I can say is “Linda, you ROCK!!” You should so sell these on Ebay. You’d make a killing. And Mom, you ROCK for thinking of it and for loving me like you do. Thanks a ton ~~~ I will use it everyday!

Anyway, my birthday will be here soon and I do believe this is the coolest present I can remember in years!

I am so jazzed about this. See how easy I am to please!

Anyway, I’m sure she’ll take orders for anyone interested.
Go DAWGS!!!!


One thought on “Bondiggity Birthday Present!!!!!

  1. Alan and/or Maranda says:

    This East Tennesseean will try to forgive you and not see RED. You have no idea how tempted I am to find a gift of the orange persuasion for your birthday. 🙂


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