Battle Flag

Here is a two-sided layout I recently completed showing the USS Russell (the ship on which my uncle currently serves in the US Navy) and the carrier group that participated in Operation Valiant Shield.

Patriotism is one thing that will always be a part of me. My father retired after many years of service as an officer in the USAF and my uncle will soon retire from the Navy. I grew up a “military brat” and I’m excessively proud of my heritage as such and make no apologies for that!

I learned early about our US Flag and how one should care for and esteem it. “Old Glory” will always be a beautiful sight to me.

The USS Russell is shown flying a “battle flag.” For those of you unfamilar with that term, it is fairly self-explanatory. This is simply an American Flag that is flown from the ship during battle and/or exercises and various other times of importance. It is an exceptionally large flag and the sight of it leaves no question as to whom the ship belongs.


One thought on “Battle Flag

  1. Anonymous says:

    On behalf of the RUSSELL crew, the U.S. Navy, and all the folks SERVING America in her Armed Forces, THANK YOU! Seeing RUSSELL in your photos certainly takes one’s breath away; however, being here on her as she dances through the mighty vault of the deep blue Pacific is an experience that cannot be spoken, it must be experienced! What a wonderful country and heritage we have – thank you for sharing it!
    My love always!
    Uncle “Buba”
    Command Master Chief

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