Second Half

So, here’s the right-hand side of the aforementioned first digital layout. I worked on it some last night and got it to the place where I thought it was passable. But isn’t that the great thing about digital!?!?!? If I hate it in three weeks, I can take it all apart and start from scratch.

To me, that is the single most liberating aspect of digital scrapbooking – and I’ve only been digital for less than a week. I can’t imagine how I’ll feel after I become a little more proficient!!

I’m looking into printing options now and I have a friend that owns a printing company. I’m going to see what he can crank them out for and I’ll see about how that stacks up with the other sites for printing 12×12 layouts.

I’m actually even considering a new business venture for all the techie scrapbookers out there. Who knows? Maybe it will work out and be cool enough to stand the test of time. We’ll see ~

Digital Kit Used:
same as above


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