Launching out …

OK … so, I’m FINALLY getting a clue! I’ve been fighting it for awhile now and decided to give in – only to find I am three hours into the process and addicted already. What, you ask, am I talking about??

Digital Scrapbooking, that’s what!

I’ve been a traditional scrapper on and off for about 10 years now and it never really “clicked” for me. I’m too much of a “perfectionist” for that. (I put that in quotes because I use it loosely — I am only a perfectionist to a point — ie. things I call my own, computer stuff, etc.)

Anyway, I downloaded some free kits — many thanks to all the great new sites I am discovering. Who knew there was this clandestine world lurking under the surface of the more “traditional” scrapbook genre?!?! Certainly not me! I mean, I’ve heard rumors about it and had even scratched the surface with a few downloaded “printables” — but this … this was a full-fledged, well-developed digital scrapbooking world – a new frontier, as it were.

I made my first layout in PSE today and it is quite rudimentary to say the least but I think I’m gonna dig this way more than my half-hearted attempts at paper scrapbooking. After all, I think I am more digital by nature ~

Here’s my first layout ever — digitally anyway!

Kits used:
Spring Fever by Kim Crothers


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